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Bookies are in it to win it, and they generate billions of dollars every year. Statistics show that as of 2021, the gambling industry was worth more than $500 billion, with an estimated growth rate of 10%.

You can imagine how much money these companies mint in relation to the amounts won by punters.

Seeing as they get so much from society, it would make sense that a large chunk of their corporate social responsibility would go into bettering the lives of people.
Let’s look at times when bookies have reached into their coffers and spread some joy across the globe:

Putting an End to Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is a rampant problem in many households, often going unnoticed until things take a turn for the worse. Not only does the abuse affect the victim but also other members of the household, such as the children. The emotional scars of such abuse often follow the victim and the children and other onlookers over a large part of their lives. Removing people from such dangerous situations is thus important.

The Association of British Bookmakers in Scotland greatly understands the need for this help and has partnered with White Ribbon Scotland. The two organizations aim at spreading awareness about domestic abuse causes and effects. By targeting betting shops, the organizations hope to reach more people who could either be perpetrating or falling victim to domestic abuse. In Scotland, bookies attract more than half a million people in their shops. Given that most of these are men, their shops create an ideal location to reach a demographic often viewed as ‘hard to access.’

Over the years, the bookies have aided the anti-domestic abuse platform to reach their clients by teaching their employees how they can also be part of the solution. Additionally, they have partnered with schools, elected officials, community outreach groups, and other stakeholders to get more reach with their campaigns. While the campaigns have largely been short, they have enabled the organizations to reach tens of thousands of punters who have now become more aware of the hazards that domestic violence can cause.

Many of these men have gone on to pledge that they will not mete out violence on their other halves nor sit back when other men are doing it. Additionally, they have agreed never to be silent when they see a woman’s rights being violated. As part of the campaigns, the organizations also send out social media prompts and engaged possible domestic abusers via print media. The organizations keep getting more pledges and hope to get more over time. Thanks to the community that surrounds betting, it has been much easier to reach men and get them to commit to making the world a better place.

Aiding NHS Charities to Keep Going

When bookies make good money, they like to give back to society in one way or another. Such was the case in 2020 when the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) announced that the Virtual Grand National had raised more than 2.6 million pounds. The money was to go out to NHS charities to help the organizations meet their goals. It helps to note that this took place in April 2020 when COVID 19 had spread throughout most of the world. People had spent months sitting at home and watching the bleak news that continued to cover their screens. Many people were not dealing well with the situation; with many forced to work from home or even forced out of their jobs and businesses.

Thus, the Virtual Grand National came at an opportune time to give people something else to think about other than the spreading virus. It was a means to replace the marquee meeting, and the event organizers were shocked by the turnout. More than 4.8 million people tuned in to watch the virtual race, pointing to how much the public wanted to enjoy something other than washing their hands and social distancing.

The race was equally exciting, with outsider Potters Corner winning by 18/1. To further make the race interesting and to show that bookies cared more about the people than their bags, the bookies donated the wagering profits to NHS charities. This side of the NHS caters to more than 140 healthcare-related charities. It was a welcome donation seeing as the healthcare system at the time was bridled with a mounting demand which was not being met by the current supply. Following the event's success, the BGC went ahead and stated that profits from wagers in Ireland would be used to support the Red Cross and the Irish Charities.


Supporting COVID 19 and Cancer Charities

By June 2020, it was clear that the COVID 19 pandemic was not close to being over. As much as cases had reduced in some parts of the world, there seemed to be another wave in the wake, and people could not help but dread what lay ahead of them. Once again, they took refuge in sports and buried their thoughts, focused on the races ahead of them. One such event was the Royal Ascot.

Ahead of the event, many bookies had come forward, stating that they would donate all their profits from win and each-way bets to charity. Some of the participants included Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, and Virgin Bet. The stakes were high, and punters kept their wagers coming, hoping that they would win and help a charity organization at the same time- talk of killing two birds with one stone! Unfortunately, the bookies ended up making a loss at the end, which dampened the spirit.

However, while the bookies could have walked away and washed their hands off the event, they decided to donate their own money to the charities. They came up with 250,000 pounds which they have to both COVID-19 and cancer-related charitable organizations. This wonderful gesture went a long way in making patients’ lives much more comfortable and lessening the burden that was in the organizations.

Other than donating as a bloc, various bookies have partnered with charity organizations on an individual basis to help better the lives of their community members. You can read more about each bookie by looking at its website.

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