Professional athletes make a lot of money, and it’s evident from their lifestyles. From owning yachts to flying on private jets down to rocking the latest designs on the market, they live lives that many aspire to have.

It’s thus a good thing when they decide to give back to society to help those from disadvantaged groups get a leg up.

Some have proven to be very charitable over the years, and we will cover their activities over the years:

Serena Williams

It’s not possible to talk about tennis without touching on the Williams’ sisters, whose backhand has always been awe-inspiring. Serena’s touch goes beyond the tennis court, and she has heavily invested in worthy causes across the globe. Through her foundation, Serena Williams Foundation, she has launched projects which help children from lower socio-economic groups to get better education and even make it to college. It’s through this organization that she has helped roll out immunization programs in impoverished countries in Africa. Additionally, she offers people the chance to get legal aid, which can be hard to get when someone comes from a poor background. Aside from her organization, she’s also partnered with UNICEF, where she helps children in Asia get better education.

Serena Williams

Colin Kaepernick

It takes a certain amount of bravery and humanity to stand up for people when their backs are against the wall. Colin has made a name for himself by being a rights ambassador, even if doing so sometimes lands him in trouble with people against what he believes in. As an NFL superstar who has battled it out on the field, he’s grown to be one of the most charitable athletes and organizations on the planet.

He gave a million dollars to the oppressed, e.g., helping single moms furnish their homes to give their children better dwellings. He’s also given his money to homeless charities and kept his pledge by paying to the last dollar. Other than handing out his wealth, he also gives his time, which is quite unique as most people are okay with handing out money alone.

Ronda Rousey

This former UFC champion will go down in history as an athlete who put MMA on the map, shedding more light on the sport and increasing its popularity. But besides being a good athlete, she also has a big heart. Even before she earned a lot of money, she was already giving her money to charity to raise mental health awareness. At the time, she was not making much, and women fighters were not as big a deal as they are today. As she became more popular and the t-shirt sales bearing her name became hotcakes, she started donating part of the money to children’s martial arts. She did not hold off on contributing to mental health, which was one of her first charitable interests.

One of her most interesting charity events was an online quiz for the Free Rice Campaign. As part of the event, each correct answer earned ten grains of rice. It may seem small, but they had fed more than 100,000 people by the end of the event. It shows that a small donation can go a long way in bettering someone’s life.

Steph Curry

As a three-point wizard, many people recognize Steph for his skills on the basketball court. But this Golden State Warriors athlete wears many hats, with one being a charitable human. When Hurricane Harvey hit, many people were quick to rush to their savings accounts and donate what they could to help the families dealing with the aftermath. Steph was no different, and he too $118,000 of his money and channeled it to the relief fund, no doubt making a huge impact on many people's lives. His charitable acts did not stop there.

hen Howard University set out to start a golf team, Steph once again reached into his pockets and forked out a seven-figure amount to help them get things moving. And when a golfer battled cancer, he gave the golfer’s wife $25,000 to help her out where he could. With a heart as big as his, it’s easy to see why people still believe in humanity.

J.J. Watt

Off the field, this defensive end NFL player is a huge philanthropist willing to go out of his way to put a smile on another person’s face. Like Steph Curry, Watt was also quick to act when Hurricane Harvey hit back in 2017, and through his foundation, he raised a whopping $37 million! This money helped build more than 1,000 new homes and set up new programs for the children in the Houston area. To make things even better, most of that money had come from his earnings!

He’s currently involved in many other charitable acts and gives money from his shoe line to veterans’ organizations to make their transition easier. Houston Texans have themselves a gem in this player.

Lebron James

Lebron is a force to reckon and he plays to win on the court, towering at 2.06 meters and moving through the court with grace. But his outstanding demeanor does not end once the game is over and instead carries over to his personal life, where he spends a great deal of time helping the disadvantaged in society. He especially has a soft spot for young people living in Akron, Ohio, his hometown.

Through his foundation, Lebron James Family Foundation, he awarded 1,000 computers and $2.5 million to the Boys and Girls Club of America. Additionally, he has raised millions of dollars to support after-school programs geared to keep kids in school by providing them with mental support and equipment. Most of the money comes from his own, with the rest coming from the foundation.

Maria Sharapova

As a tennis champion, Maria has also built a name in charitable giving and has contributed towards numerous worthy causes. When the Australian bushfires started, she donated $25,000 to the relief, prompting other tennis players to contribute and help ease the damage. Additionally, she has given money to orphanages, victims of hate crimes, and even sponsored children to attend college.

These big hearts continue to spread joy to people in disadvantaged groups and encourage others to follow suit.

Colin Kaepernick
Maria Sharapova