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With Instagram and other social media sites taking over people’s phones, it’s become easier to reach people. Fans can now keep up with their favorite celebrities in real-time by viewing their stories, poring through their feeds, and even joining their live videos. It means that brands using such celebrities to reach their fanbase now have an easier time engaging the audience.

All a celebrity or influencer needs to do is go, ‘I’m using X product, and here’s the link.’ Even without giving much detail, people would start looking at the company offering the X product, resulting in more engagements and sales.

It’s the same thing with bookies. If they want to reach more people, they can do so by using famous people to market their platforms. Here, we look at why this is important and which celebrities have partnered with bookies in the past.

Why do Bookies use Big Names?

Bookies want to draw in the crowd. They know that people watch the celebrities and know that if they can get a famous person to endorse them, they are well on their way to success. Additionally, the increasing competition in the betting industry requires bookies to keep reinventing their marketing strategies. By including top stars in their ads, they can stay miles ahead of the entrants. Finally, there is the target audience. Bookies want to reach the younger people and can only do this by selling gambling as the in-thing. With more players endorsing gambling, why would young people shun the opportunity?

Past Collaborations

Zlatan Ibrahimovic & Bethard

As one of the top strikers globally, Zlatan was a great choice for Bethard, which wanted to reach more football fans. Thus, when the bookie announced that the Swedish footballer was coming on as an ambassador, it drew in more punters who were willing to try out their services. The announcement made it clear that Zlatan would be more of a companion who would be an ambassador and a sounding board for the company. It was during a time when the bookie wanted to grow and expand into more European markets by the end of 2020.

At the time, Zlatan stated that he had been in talks with other companies, but none had stood out to him like Bethard. The company’s Swedish roots further fueled his interest in the company. Before this partnership, Zlatan had been under investigation for his ties to Bethard when he was on contract with Manchester United. The English soccer’s Football Association had frowned upon such insinuations as the rules prohibited any association with bookies. However, once Zlatan moved to Major League Soccer, he was free to partner with bookies, prompting his decision to work with Bethard.

The collaboration saw the bookie introduce an online casino betting site that offered a variety of games. At the start of 2021, Zlatan found himself under fire regarding this partnership with the football authorities raising questions about his investment in the bookmaker.


Cristiano Ronaldo & PokerStars

There’s no denying that Cristiano is one of the best football players ever lived, and his fanbase keeps growing by the day. With more than 100 million followers across his social media platforms, he makes for a great influencer. Brands are highly interested in working with him, and he stands as one of the most sought-after people on social media. As such, Pokerstars decided to engage him, hoping that his love for poker would be their selling point.

It surprised many people that Cristiano was also good at poker as many would have expected him to perform well on the pitch, but not much after that. However, his partnership with Pokerstars made it clear that he also had a keen interest in the game and had played with some of the best players in the game. According to Ronaldo, he started playing poker in his twenties and would keep at the game for hours in his home with his friends. Given that both poker and football require a lot of wit to win, Ronaldo claims that navigating the two relied on similar premises. Being the most popular poker company in the world, PokerStars decided to partner with an equally big deal, creating a collaboration that would turn heads. Other than Cristiano, the bookie has also partnered with other big names such as:

Rafael Nadal

Rafael is one of the best tennis players, and his success has earned him the name ‘The King of Clay.’ He has earned more than 17 Grand Slams and 11 French Open titles, making him a big deal. His participation in PokerStars’ Celebrity championships further increased the membership for this no-deposit limit bookie.

Ronaldo Nazario

This Brazilian striker discovered his love for soccer at a young age, prompting him to drop out of school at 12 and pursue what he enjoyed the most. It was not long before he started playing professionally, getting to a point where he aided his team to win the Brazil Cup. His growth continued over the years, and in the 2006 World Cup, he totaled 15 goals, making history. The deal with PokerStars caught many people by surprise, with some questioning if the move was fueled by money. Ronaldo quickly assured his fans that he had played poker before, and he enjoyed the challenge. His fans were happy to hear that they could engage him on the platform where he would play under his ‘Ronaldo’ ID and participate in live tournaments.

Neymar Jr

PokerStars partnered with yet another footballer who has a large following on and off the field. The fact that he’s a superstar in Brazil makes him a great choice for the bookie to reach more Brazilian fans. Does he love poker? Why, yes! Neymar reportedly named his dog Poker owing to his love for the game. Plus, he has participated in poker circuits before, meaning his stint with the bookie would not be his first rodeo. His love for the game has also seen him play in Barcelona, mingling with other lovers of the game and enjoying the challenge. He brings his winning spirit to the table, making the game enjoyable for all.

Both bookies and players have gained a lot from these collaborations. While questions of conflict of interest may arise in some of these cases, they are few and far between. It seems that in the future, more bookies will place their money on these big names to attract their fans as this model has worked effectively in the past.

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