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Did you know that sports can save lives? Across the globe, charity organizations have realized that by incorporating sports into their events, they not only reach more disadvantaged groups, but it also becomes easier to raise funds.

They encourage people to get more involved in sports to better the society, which works for both the donors and the recipients.

Let’s take a look at some of the organizations that have excelled in combing sports and charitable activities over the years:

United Through Sport

This organization works with children from disadvantaged groups and uses sports to raise health awareness and encourage the children to participate in school more. Moreover, their programs aid the children in building life skills that go a long way in cementing their foundations as they move beyond their current status. The program first started in South Africa and has since evolved to cover other regions such as South America and Asia.

To date, the organization has worked with more than 56,000 children, taught hundreds to swim, donated thousands of sports boots to talented children who could nurture their talents, and taken some children to the Brazilian world cup. Furthermore, some of the children have been awarded scholarships to learn in reputable colleges, and most have seen better performance in school, equipping them with skills to help better their lives and those of their loved ones.

People can get involved by donating money which helps the team reach even more children from disadvantaged groups. You can also volunteer by physically visiting their projects or working at their offices, where they can always use a helping hand. This option works great for students and people taking a gap year and want to be more involved in community projects.

Fundraising is also a great way to help their course, and you can start a similar project and direct the proceeds to the organization. For example, you can organize a sports day and tell people it’s for charity. Even with prizes to be won, you can still make enough money to give the organization to help it spread its roots in other regions. For a more personal touch, you can directly sponsor one of the children from disadvantaged socio-economic groups and make a lasting impact on their life. And if you cannot do this, you can donate as little as $2 a month to help sponsor the thousands of children. No amount is too small.

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Sports Aid

Many young people have talents but haven’t got the resources to help them develop these skills. Their abilities end up being underutilized or not used at all. This organization seeks to break this cycle by identifying talents at a young age and helping athletes grow into professionals who can eke a living from their skills.

According to statistics, for young athletes to meet their potential, they need to spend an average of $7,000 a year in bettering their skills. In most households, such amounts are not attainable, and that means that the young athlete (aged between 12 and 18 in most cases) will have to either drop out or put a financial strain on their family. With the help of this organization, the athlete can continue performing and become good enough to play at the national level, recouping the money spent on training and going ahead to make much more. But this only happens if the organization can make enough money to support so many young people who need that extra crutch.

There are many ways you can get involved to help them meet their annual goals. One is by fundraising on their behalf by hosting competitions or seeking help from the people close to you. The other is by donating directly to the organization. Even one donation is enough to help them send another athlete to training. Participating in the many challenges run by the organization is a fun way to get involved. As you break a sweat headed for the finish line, the money contributed will go a long way in helping actualize a young athlete’s dream.

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Sport in Mind

This organization takes a different approach to sports by focusing on the mental wellbeing of participants. Over the years, it has directed its efforts into using sports to raise more mental health awareness and help people suffering from mental health issues to get the help they deserve. So far, they have reached more than 14,000 people with mental health problems who have been supported to get better using sports and physical activities.

By incorporating fun in their activities, over 94% of the people they have targeted have reported better mental health. Plus, a good 91% have gotten a boost in their self-esteem, which is quite commendable in this digital age where self-image seems to have taken a huge hit. The organization has many success stories drawn from ordinary people who were not doing well mentally, though, from the outside, it seemed like everything was okay. By participating in the programs, they finally got the help they needed, with some discovering that they had serious mental issues that had long gone unnoticed.

How can you support them to make sure more people can get access to mental health facilities? By donating- whether you are naming the organization in your will, donating a gift or sum of money, or even remembering a loved one who loved sports by donating in their name, you will make a difference. The money goes into buying sporting equipment. For example, an $8 donation can buy an audible tennis ball that helps the disabled tennis club enjoy the game even more. Any amount you give makes a difference to the affected groups.

Alternatively, you can volunteer your time or other resources, fundraise for the organization, attend one of their events or implement any means to help them have a greater reach.

All these and more charity organizations help uplift people from disadvantaged groups, and by bettering their lives, they make the world a happier place one sport at a time.

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